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Arcane Factories is an exciting new miniature studio.  We also provide character, and terrain design and digital sculpting services for custom miniatures and dioramas.  

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The Arcane Factories Team

Justin Tan

Justin Tan has worked at Vancouver Film School, Rhythm and Hues Studios, and has been freelancing as a 3D generalist for many years.  A serious tabletop hobbyist, his head is full of battle plans, bizarre creatures and fantastic beings from other dimensions - that he hopes to unleash upon the tabletop scene soon.



Gillian Slaunwhite

Classically trained in animation Gillian has 10 years experience animating for Canadian television. While she loves animating her other passion is illustration and designing characters so this project just seemed right!


Curtis Richardson Smith

Curtis studied classical animation in Australia, and Digital Character Animation at Vancouver Film School.  He has since worked as an editor, compositor, classical and digital animator within the industry for the last two years. Between jobs he has completed a number of short, animated films which have been screened around the world.


Jupiter Thoidingjam

Jupiter Thoidingjam is an illustrator, comic artist, digital artist and animator in both 2d and 3d from Manipur, India. He worked as Lead Animator in Tata Interactive Systems. He also worked as storyboard artist for a Bollywood feature film directed by Anurag Kashyup.  www.jupiterthart.com


Garth Lee

Garth Lee is a Concept Artist and Animator born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. As a kiddo, he spent lots of time drawing in sketchbooks and coming up with new ideas and concepts, and after graduating from Vancouver Film School, he gets to specialize in Concept Art and Animation. Still drawing and getting 20% cooler each sketch!  gleepix.blogspot.ca

Jesse Craven

Hailing more from the VFX side of things than the more classical 2D, Jesse is one of the technical minds of the group. Rigging what needs to be rigged, developing what needs to be developed, and eating whatever snacks need to be eaten. For the good of the team, of course.

Christopher Savage

Chris is a classically trained animator hailing from a small village in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia. He went to school for graphic and web design before moving to Vancouver to become an animator and hasn't slowed down since. After graduating from Vancouver Film School Chris has worked primarily in flash animation at studios including Atomic Cartoons and DHX Media, on cartoons such as Rocket Monkeys and Packages from Planet X.


Dylan Scott

Coming from a strong traditional background, Dylan started off as a concept artist/illustrator, then branched out into 3d modelling and VFX work.  http://www.sputch.ca/


Matt Molen


Matt Molen is a 3D sculptor and character/concept artist. Traditionally trained he's made the jump to 3D and is always expanding the limits of his craft and knowledge. mattmolenart.com


Kathleen Lim 

Kathleen Lim was born and raised in the Philippines then moved to Vancouver.  She graduated from Vancouver Film School's classical animation class and excels in character concept and design.




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