June 16 2014 Monday at 05:54 PM

Funded! Future Updates!

Hey guys! Sorry we haven't been updating this blog much.  Most of our updates are all over on the Kickstarter page here and our Facebook page here.

So to summarize - We got funded! WOO! 

We're rested, and now we're back at work, sculpting to bring you the awesome minis you've asked for.

We're helping Jeremy over at Creature Caster with a little bit of work, and of course, working on our own Kickstarter sculpts.  Here's a quick WIP of the Countess Carmilla.


Where's the Pledge Manager?  Paypal?

Kenny from Skykadia is hard at work on the Creature Caster pledge manager.  He's fine tuning it to Jeremy's needs.  We'll be using a very similar system once Kenny is finished with Creature Caster's pledge manager.  

The pledge manager, of course, will have Paypal options for people should they wish to add to their order, and for people who missed out on our Kickstarter the first time round.  Kickstarter pledges will be available for a very short time once the pledge manager has launched, and then revert to MSRP prices, as to be in line with our Online Store in the future.

What's next?

Mario from Voices of Mars and the Arcane Factories crew will continue to update on youtube. We'll have a WIP turnaround for the Countess in our next video.  We may even try to have a live show, where you guys can chill out with us and ask questions. 

Naturally, we'll be continuing to sculpt to our schedule too!

We also have some other secret projects in the works that we'll be revealing next month!  Stay tuned!